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MyChart is a medical service by Epic Systems Corporation. The service provides a set of cloud-based health-care instruments for keeping and sharing medical records, making and scheduling appointments, connecting with doctors remotely, and many more. You can download MyChart for your iOS and Android devices, as well as sign up via any browser on your PC or Mac. Let’s take a closer look at the features I found inside the MyChart app.

Your Digital Anamnesis

The main function of the MyChart free app is to collect and store your medical data in one place. Due to the straightforward interface, you can access all your medications, bills, appointments, test results, costs, and other important data without the need to request anything from your health care provider. 

MyChart mobile app offers the same level of accessibility so that you can get a comprehensive overview of your medical statuses at home and on the go. MyChart login can be tied up to several devices simultaneously. 

If you have any appointments, the app will notify you in advance so that you don’t lose your time. Scheduling multiple appointments is quite convenient due to Google Calendar and Google Maps integration. 

If you have smaller children who need guidance, you can connect their Epic accounts to yours and keep track of their appointments on your device too. 

Essential Connection

Your health care provider probably knows everything about your anamnesis if it’s connected to the Epic database. I had to change providers twice during the last 3 years, and there were no issues. The information was automatically shared between the organizations. However, you may share any record if the hospital is connected to another EHR system. I also tested the feature with different accounts of my friends for this MyChart review and the databases uploaded almost instantly after signing in. 

A Health-Saving Experience

MyChart free app is a good way to improve your health care routines and keep a more precise track of your health. MyChart app download is available for iOS and Android, and you can access your information right after signing up if your hospital is connected to Epic. 

My verdict is that the app provides an up-to-time experience without any significant drawbacks. Of course, bugs occur from time to time, but I can see how quickly the system improves to become faster and clearer for users of any age. 


1. Is UNC MyChart export available?

Yes, you can export your medical records from any other system on request. If you have accounts in the systems of several health care providers, you can attach them all to your MyChart Medical Records and have an objective overview. 

2. Is there a MyChart PC app?

No, but you can use the convenient MyChart online service that looks quite similar to the mobile application but displays more information at a time due to the larger screen size. 

3. Is the MyChart Download app option free?

Yes, you can download and use the MyChart MyHealth application for free. You should only make sure that your Android device runs Android 5.0 and higher or iOS 11.0 and higher.

Download MyChart App for Free

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